Akhlah: The Jewish Children’s Learning Network is probably the best site for learning the aleph-bet. The “Script” column is the cursive Hebrew Alphabet. If you plan to travel to Israel or to have an Israeli friend, it would be worth learning the script form.  The “Block” letters are the most commonly used form in print.  You will need to learn the block letters for class.

“Judaism 101” is a Jewish site that provide lots of information. Make sure you read the article about the alphabet at and the article on “The Name of G-d” at There are several other articles you should read, such as “Torah” and “Hebrew Root Words.”  You might also be interested in reading a Jewish perspective on the Messiah at the same web site.

The Online Hebrew Tutorial offers free lessons.

The Wikipedia article is pretty good.

Omniglot has lots of links!

Note: Some of the sites show the modern cursive Hebrew alphabet. It is probably worth learning, especially if you want to have an Israeli pen pal. However, it is not the same as the hand-written Hebrew I use.

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