Low-Stress Preparation

I think we have six or seven students now signed up for the class. If you have signed up for a wordpress account, I have made you an “author,” which means you can write your own posts and comment on the posts of others.

I will be giving a simple assignment or topic once a week and asking you to write a post about it. For this week, I would like you to start learning the Hebrew alphabet and to read the page on “The Name of God” (see the links below to “Judaism 101” or directly to the page.

The syllabus has a schedule of reading assignments. These assignments (reading and blog posts) are meant to help us start thinking about the subject matter and learning some of the content of the class–and to help us get acquainted. They are not meant to be stressful. If you are gone (for example) to a couple weeks of camp and don’t have internet access, just do two posts when you get back (or the week before you leave).

I just got back from a weekend trip visiting family and I’m a day or two behind myself. I should finish posting “Lesson 1” in the next day or two. In the meantime you can look at “Lesson 2” on the Hebrew language.

We will probably have a quiz on the Hebrew alphabet the first week on campus in Kentucky, but go ahead and learn it now and review it once a week or so.

If you have questions post a comment or email me directly.

Dr. Alterman


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