Getting Started

Well, I’m just now getting into the reading and wanted to create a post just for the practice. The Hebrew language is very interesting. Much of it seems straight forward, but I have to admit that I lost it a little when I got into the vowel markings and the multiple symbols. However, it still seems to make more sense than a lot of the English language. DId anyone else see the television show on PBS about the OT? Will we talk about the Book of Jubilee or Enoch? Some interesting stuff there.


2 Responses

  1. Welcome! We will say a little bit about noncanonical/apocryphal literature–but you will have opportunity to explore a topic for which you have a special interest–so maybe you should do a paper on Jubilees or Enoch.

  2. I can certainly see the controversy with these books with their explanation of Cain marrying his sister and the daughters of men cohabiting with fallen angels and such, but they do make some sense to me. Of course, I’ve only heard about them and haven’t read them. I don’t suppose they come in an NIV version?

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