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I have always loved language learning, and typically pick up on at least the basics of the language fairly quickly, but I must admit I am having a somewhat difficult time making sense of the Hebrew language. Perhaps it is because its alphabet is so unlike our own, and I too am a little confused when it comes to the vowels and multiple symbols. I’ve never really desired to learn Hebrew or Greek, but I am beginning to understand the importance of doing so. I think I am going to have to approach it differently than the other languages I’ve learned, but am still trying to decide on the best method to use.  And, as for making more sense than English, I’m not sure that I can agree at this point, but in my other language studies I have learned that most languages are easier to learn than English, at least once I become more familiar with them.  


Like Niki, I have had some difficulty with the “low anxiety” portion of the class. It has been more difficult than I thought to integrate the reading into my schedule. While I have found the time to read what is required, I have yet to be able to do much more in-depth reading at this point in time. While some of the material is familiar, I am learning much of the information for the first time, and it’s a bit overwhelming to try and explore more specific areas on my own at this point. I am uncertain about how much I will have figured out before class meets, but I suppose that’s what this forum is for.


Also, I carried the Jewish Study Bible around Disney the other day, hoping to do some reading during my breaks and while waiting on the other members of my carpool. In a way, I felt kind of silly carrying around such a large book intended for members of the Jewish faith, but the more I think about it, the more I realize it makes sense to read something Jewish to better understand the people of the Old Testament, just as it would make sense to read the Koran in order to better understand those who practice Islam.


I have not really had an Old Testament class since my Freshman year of college, so I am looking forward to a more in-depth approach to the Old Testament that will only enhance my understanding of the Bible, as well as strengthen my faith.  


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  1. Laura,

    Thanks for putting your two cents worth in.

    As far as learning Hebrew, I’m hoping some of you in the class will be motivated to take a year or two of Hebrew . . . but for this class the basic requirement is to learn the alphabet, i.e., the consonants. You don’t have to learn the vowels, just the fact that the Hebrews had no trouble reading their language without them for hundreds of years–but to help those who read Hebrew as a second language, they invented the system of dots and dashes known as vowel points.

    Our basic goal is to learn enough about Hebrew to use reference books that refer to the language.

  2. A quick question about learning the Alphabet…Should our goal be to recognize the Hebrew consonants and their names, i.e. what “Aleph” looks like in script and block? Or should we be able to transliterate some simple words?

  3. For the quiz, you will be asked to write the letters and their names in order.

    But transliterating some simple words, writing your name and your friends names in Hebrew, etc., are good learning exercises.

  4. Looks Like i’m catching up. Appreciate the clarificatio on what will be expected of us for the hebrew alphabet quizz.

  5. i want to learn hebrew for free help!!!!!

  6. Jasmine,

    Good for you! There’s lots of free online help out there. Click on the links under “Lesson 2” to the left. That will get you started.

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