Free Hebrew Lessons

If you would like to hear spoken (modern Israeli) Hebrew, free lessons are available here. Just click on “Hebrew” on the left.

You might be interested to learn some common greetings. For example, how are you is “ma-shlom-ka” (if you are asking a male person; ma-shlom-ek for a woman). “Ma-shlom-ka” is literally what is your shalom, i.e. your well-being. The answer is “shlomi tov,” my shalom is good. (the -i on the end is pronounced -ee).

Ma shlom ka? Shlomi tov.

(What happened to the ‘a’ in shalom? When a suffix is added at the end, the first vowel got reduced to almost nothing. In conversation, it is a natural adjustment, but in writing it looks strange at first.)

Shalom aleikem = shalom to you, or howdy y’all.

va aleikem shalom =and to you shalom, or right back at ya.


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