I going to NY in the morning and on to Prague for the International Dietrich Bonhoeffer Congress.  I will be presenting a paper jointly with my daughter on the relevance of Bonhoeffer’s theology for ecology.

I’m not sure if I will have internet access or not–so you may or may not hear from me over the next ten days.

If any of you have still not figured out how to make a post, go ahead and write a comment–you can attach it to this post–or any other as far as that goes.

Meanwhile, this is week 3, so you should be on Lesson 3 if you are trying to stay on schedule.

Also, just checking to make sure–do the page numbers for JSB make sense–just in case the pages are different in your edition.  I’m going to check to night and include the title of the chapters in the JSB.


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  1. Mark, page numbers were a concern for me, too, but I believe thay are corresponding alright in my edition. I purchased the same ISBN number so I think it’s good. Hope you have a good trip. The bad thing about an on-line class is that we can’t play while the teachers away. But as you mentioned, graduate students are supposed to be self-motivating. See you in August.

  2. I have read all or most of what you wanted us to read out of JBS, but I am too a little concerned to make sure that I have not missed anything. Did you include the titles of the articles anywhere? I am ahead on JBS reading but still working on all of the online lessons.

  3. Niki,
    It sounds like you are doing fine. Over on the left under Pages, click on the heading “Reading Schedule.”

    After the page numbers I have given a title in quotation marks; for example, “Read JSB 2062-67 “Languages of the Bible”

    If those pages and that topic coincide in your edition, then everything is OK.

    I’m about a week behind myself. If we are all caught up to week five by the time we get to class, we will be in pretty good shape.

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