Lesson 4

You will notice some new pages; lesson 4 in two parts. Stay tuned for a couple of additional sections. These are fairly short, but they introduce some important concepts that we will explore more fully in class. Pay attention to the words and concepts in bold print, and to the questions that are raised. Some of you may want to express a provisional opinion on some of these questions. Or, you may wish to explore further some new concepts; for example, what is Midrash?

I also want to encourage you again about our motto, “High expectations, low anxiety.” The internet posts are required assignments, but as long as I believe you are taking the assignments seriously, you will get credit for recording your insights or opinions. The purpose is to get you started thinking about the subject matter and to help us all get acquainted with each other. So far, I’ve seen some pretty good posts; and I appreciate the variety of points made. So, don’t be intimidated, jump in and join the fun!

If of you are having technical difficulties with Word Press–if you can’t figure out how to write a new post–you can email your comments to me and I will post them for you.

See you soon.

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