Enns’ Book

I have really enjoyed Enns’ book.  There are certainly some areas that I don’t agree. I felt like he spent way too much time on listing the similarities between the babylonian flood myths and the genesis flood account and not enough effort listing the contrasts.  However I believe his understanding of the wisdom literature is on point.  It seems common place for many evangelicals to quote from the wisdom literature and even use it as doctrine in areas that fit.  His premise that the wisdom literature are general statments, although very wise, not statements meant for every situation and for all time makes a lot of sense.  I appreciated the contradicting proverbs he listed to substantiate his premise. His emphasis on understanding the bible as it relates to culture I believe frightens the evangelicals.  I assume that many threw the book to the flames when he cited Jesus as quoting old testament scripture out of context.  Overall the book has refreshed my mind on issues I haven’t thought about for some time and challenged me to understand the culture as it pertains to the audience.


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