On Inspiration and Incarnation

I’m going to go ahead and comment on Enns’ book, even though I’ll probably end up using some of what I put here in my review. I enjoyed reading it, but like some of you, it took me longer to get through the book than I anticipated, and I’m sure I will reread many of its parts while writing my review.


First of all, I applaud the author’s willingness to address issues that many others would prefer to avoid, and while others may disagree with me, I feel that he does so with a relatively open mind. Like Enns, I agree that “God honors our honest questions,” and in an attempt to create constructive conversation, Enns questions nearly every idea we as Christians grew up with.


On page 13, Enns writes, “these are the “primary readers I envision for this book, those who desire to maintain a vibrant and reverent doctrine of Scripture, but who find it difficult to do so because they find familiar and conventional approaches to newer problems to be unhelpful.” In many ways I am one of these people, and so I appreciated a lot of what Enns had to say. I especially appreciated his explanation of the Bible as the word of God, compared to Christ as the Word. Enns writes, “as Christians we must remember that we believe not only that the Bible is the word of God, but that Christ himself is the word….the Bible is God’s word in written form; Christ is God’s word in human form” (110). While I have known each of these statements to be true, I don’t know if I had ever linked the two before.


Anyways, I thought I would point out some of the things I liked about the book. These are my thoughts thus far, what are yours?


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