West Semitic Inscriptions

The University of Southern California sponsers the West Semitic Research Project, which includes “Ancient images and commentary relating to the Bible and the ancient Near East, including the Dead Sea Scrolls and West Semitic inscriptions.

There are a few easy links to low resolution images for the general public and information to register for access to high quality digital images for scholars.

Sites for Ancient Greek

Ancient Greek Inscriptipon

Ancient Greek Inscription

Telamon is a new online library of ancient Greek inscriptions from Bulgaria.  Right now the site only has three inscriptions, but each one is simple and interesting.  The site also has links to other similar projects.

If you are just learning the Greek alphabeta, try out some of these inscriptions–it’s good practice!

The TLG list of online resources is another great access point for budding scholars.

Here are a few other sites:

Ancient Greek Tutorials
Interpreting Ancient Manuscripts
Perseus Project
Pronunciation of Ancient Greek
NT read with modern Greek Pronunciation
GNT Resources
APIS (Papyrus)
KC Hanson’s papyri and mss
Textual Criticism, Greek-German vocabulary list
“Papyrus Making 101.”
Wieland Willker’s Bible Pages


Daniel and Tonya interviewed Hebrew teacher Karyn Traphagen on their Hebrew and Greek Reader blog.  Karyn gives her advice on teaching and learning Hebrew, and on gardening, at her Boulders 2 Bits site.  Be sure to check out the “Hebrew Resources” page, if you are learning Hebrew.

Karyn is living in North Carolina; it’s a bit warmer there, so her tomato plants are ahead of mine.  But I’ll catch up by July, deo volente.