Check this out

I don’t now much about the Hebrew alphabet so Dr. Alterman you might want to verify the content of this website but it looks like a useful and simple way to make note cards to practice the alphabet

Alphabet Note Cards


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  1. Hi Brian,

    Thanks for the hint on the flash cards! I was thinking about making some but this is great!

    I’ll see you in a few weeks!


  2. Brian,

    It looks like a good site. I think the flash cards would be helpful.

    I also like the Aklah site, the first one listed under “Helps for Learning Hebrew.”

    Have fun!

  3. Learn the block form. This is what you will see in print. The practical use of this is being able to look things in a Hebrew dictionary, or recognize Hebrew words in a commentary.

    If you ever want to learn how to communicate in Israeli Hebrew, it would be worth learning the cursive forms.

    Otherwise, stick with the printed block letters.

    At some point you should read the lesson on the Alphabet.


  4. […] Hebrew Alphabet Posted on July 20, 2010 by Mark Some of you have asked which version of the Hebrew alphabet you should learn.  Since our main goal is to be able to look things up, you should learn the standard printed alphabet, the “Block” letters on the Akhlah site and the Hebrew Note Cards site that Brian found (See “Check this out“). […]

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