Hey Guys

Hello 2010 Old Testament Research class.  My name is Brian Clark, I am a 2007 graduate of KCU currently living in Columbus, Ohio Go Bucks!!!  I am a youth pastor at Beechwold Christian Church in Columbus and have served there since graduation. This class will be my last class of year two of my three year graduate track, which means that I am almost 2/3rds the way done.

In January of 2008 my wife and I were married and it has been a wonderful journey.  My wife Sabrina, also a KCU grad, and I were childhood friends growing up together at First Christian Church in Canton, Ohio.  In college we dated, and were told by our parents we could marry when we finished school; which is the reason we both finished early!  We both grew up in Canton Ohio which is why the move to Columbus was great (about 2 hours away).  We are close enough to family that we can travel home, but far enough that we have been able to establish our own life and family.

Speaking of family, my wife and I welcomed our first child into the world on April 19th of this year.  She has been a blessing in our lives, albeit a challenge.  Her Name is Reagan Taylor Clark, (Named after my man Ronald Reagan).  She is a healthy baby girl whom I will deeply miss during our intensive week on campus.

My hobbies and interests are many, although Reagan has certainly reduced the time I can devote to them.  I enjoy being outdoors, geocaching, hiking, guns, backpacking, hunting, shooting, and fishing, I enjoy cooking and trying new recipes and techniques in the kitchen (which makes me the designated cook in the family).  For the most part I am always interested in anything I do not already know.  For example, I recently learned to sew.  My wife usually refers to my hobbies as my interest of the week.  But I enjoy learning new things, so that usually captivates my interests

You could sum up my life like this, I love my God, I love my family, and I love to live.     -Brian T. Clark



3 Responses

  1. Brian,
    Looking forward to working with you again. I believe that we were in a break out group during the NT class on campus session in January of 2009? Also thanks for sharing a new word for me. I was not aware of what geocaching was, but after an education session with our youngest son, I was brought up to speed. Looks like pretty neat stuff. See you in August.

  2. Nothing like motivation to help you get through college! I guess your daughter will motivate you in this class.


    Dr. Alterman

  3. I finally have gotten around to wishing you the best on your new baby girl. I remember in class how close you were to having her. Great to have a new arrival isn’t it. Look forward to seeing you again. I am going to bring my wife this time and we are going to camp at Carter Cave State Park. Looking forward to it.

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