Amanda Bridget

My family is a strong christian family and I was always raised to love God. My parents always modeled for me the Christian life and putting God first. More than that, He got ahold of my heart early on. My dad says at 2 years old the best way to get me to stop doing something was to tell me that it didn’t make Jesus happy. I guess it has always been in my heart to do God’s will.

So when I was 9 and told my parents I wanted to be a missionary to Africa, I don’t think it surprised anyone but 10 or 12 years later I am still saying that same thing

I came here for missions, but God gave me so much more than that. I found truly good friends here, friends like I had never had in my life. He taught me about community and having fun as well as growing and working hard. I found that hiking and camping are more amazing with good friends. And so is practically everything else.

Up until just over a year ago my name was Whaley, but God gave me a new name and someone to love. He gave me a husband. I met Tim Bridget here at school. He was a little older than me, about to graduate with a preaching degree, and we hit it right off. It took us a little longer to get together than our friends would have liked, but it was all in God’s timing. We got married on May 16, 2009 and it has been a wonderful year.

And now I am starting grad school. I know God has me here for a reason, and I hope it will be a fantastic experience.

Me and Tim


4 Responses

  1. Amanda,
    Congrats on getting married to Tim. Tim and I spent a couple very uncomfortable and cold couple nights on a backpacking trip back in undergrad.

    Hopefully your graduate work will be a benefit to you, and who knows, one day you might find yourself using it on the mission field.

  2. Amanda,
    Thanks for sharing the impact that a strong Christian family environment has had on your walk with God. It is very encouraging to hear the fruits of faithful parents. As far as this point forward, with God in it, it will be a fantastic experience. Looking forward to meeting you in August.

  3. Amanda,

    Well, it sounds like we will definitely have to go on a class hike or two.

    I’m glad you have a strong Christian heritage and grew up in a strong Christian family. I had a professor once in seminary who said it is better to be saved from a life of sin that to be saved out of one.

    Grace and Peace,

    Dr. Alterman

  4. It seems as if God has plans for you and has had them for quite some time, maybe you might say even before the foundation of the earth. I rejoice in families that place Jesus Christ first in their homes. It seems that we make much ado about those who faced prison, drugs etc and the turnaround they make when Jesus steps in. And we should. But sometimes I think we forget the unsung Christians who quietly raise a new generation and they are important too. I look forward to meeting you in class.

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