Greetings All!

Greetings 2010 Old Testament Research class!  My name is Byron Morris and this will be my 4th graduate class at KCU since returning to complete a Masters degree after an eight year hiatus to do life, raise a family and seek God’s will. I love to learn – grow and look forward to sharing opportunities presented in this class with others as we embark upon this journey. I currently reside in southern Indiana, about 30 miles NW of Louisville, with my wife of 23 years (celebrated yesterday – July 11th) and our two boys ages 18 and 21 (I guess I should start referring to them as “adult children”). As far as my vocation at this time, I am employed as a Human Resources Manager / Risk Manager for Christian Care Communities, Kentucky’s largest non profit provider of eldercare services. Some neat ministry opportunities come my way in our day to day activities. As far as hobbies, I enjoy the most anything outdoors and we actually farmed full time during the 1990’s before selling out to relocate for graduate school in 1997. At our peak we ran over 100 brood cows. We currently still have four cows and two horses to maintain our rural heritage. I also enjoy building things. I just spent a week of vacation working with our oldest son framing a “studio cottage” for our youngest son that he will live in as he goes to school. As far as ministry in the Church, I have a passion and calling for Discipleship and desire to take that to the next level. Looking forward to the class and meeting everyone.


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  1. Byron,
    Welcome to OT Research. It sounds like you have really have a cool position with the eldercare service. It always amazes me the way God uses people, especially in a relatively un-ministered to age

  2. Byron,

    It looks like we have an interesting mix in the class.

    I live in cattle country, the Flint Hills in Kansas–I’m a cowboy at heart, even though I ride a bicycle instead of a horse.


    Dr. Alterman

  3. Byron, thank you for your ministry to the elderly. they are a passion of mine as I minister in a local congregation I also am involved in a nursing home ministry, a retirement home ministry, and a senior citizens center ministry. I guess that is a passion and I praise God for you passion in dealing with people that so many have forgotten. I too used to raise cattle but starved out and had to get a real job at a power plant before retiring early to pursue a dream. God bless you and look forward to seeing you.

  4. Hello Byron, I’m with you in the passion for discipleship. I’ve been very active in our small group ministries and men’s ministry program and that involvement led me to entering grad school. I also feel that is the direction God is leading me in and hope to continue to follow his leading.

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