hello all…

My name is Kristin Cropper and I am originally from Chicago, IL. I graduated from Kentucky Christian with a Youth and Family Ministry degree and a Camp Management degree in May of this year. Since then God has been at work in my life as I made some huge transitions. I graduated, married the love of my life, moved 10 hours away from both our families to Joplin, MO, and I started working for a sports ministry called Rain Makers. The ministry is a Christian AAU basketball team for K-12th grade boys and girls and we run camps and have 7 boys teams and 5 girls teams. I am in the coach for the girls teams. I LOVE it. I have always been an athlete and have played basketball since second grade. With the KCU Lady Knights, I won four regional championships and four national championships, which is pretty cool. God has blessed me with knowledge of the game of basketball and now I am getting the opportunity to use that knowledge to teach kids more about a relationship with Christ.


3 Responses

  1. Hey Kristin,

    Sounds like a great ministry you are part of.

    And you successfully wrote your first post!

  2. Kristin, I am trying to say hi to all of the classmates. I am from the opposite end of state, by Carbondale, Il. My son, daughter in law and granddaughter live in Chicago. My daughter played a lot of high school basketball. She is 6’1″ and had a nice high school career. I wanted her to go on but (you know athletic scholarship free tuitition that is a dad) but she was finished after high school. Sounds like God is using you in a great way. God bless you and look forward to seeing you.

  3. You must really be enjoying Rain Makers. I cannot think of you doing anything other than some ministry related to sports. Hope married life is treating you well and that we can catch up with this class. It seems we cannot get out of having classes together even in grad school.

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