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This is my first attempt at this. I have to admit I am a 57 year old technophobe. I use a computer because it seems I have to not because I like it, but that is life isn’t it? I am a grandpa of one granddaughter and another on the way. I have been married to the mother of my 2 children for 32 years (almost) and it has been a great journey. My son is Perry and he is married to Cathy and has our granddaughter Payton and the second on the way. They live in Chicago. Our daughter, Stella is married to Joel and lives close by. I had the great pleasure of baptizing my son in law Joel in the Gulf before the oil hit Florida a few weeks ago. What a Father’s day present. I retired early to begin my journey in the pulpit ministry about 3 years ago and have been attending Lincoln Christian and now Kentucky to receive some training.  I was asked one time at Lincoln by my Greek professor what I feared about Graduate school and I said I was afraid I wouldn’t live long enough to graduate. But school has been good and it has caused me to grow as I am sure it has or will the rest of you. I have met some of you and look forward to seeing you again and to those whom I will meet I am anxious to personally add a human body to the words of this page. God bless each of you and your families. Bill Littrell


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  1. Congratulations on making your first post!

    If you had waited a few days, you could have baptized your son-in-law and anointed him with oil all at once.

    Seriously, it must have been a thrilling experience to see someone you care about take that step of commitment and begin new life in Christ.

    I had the unusual experience of baptizing my niece, a college freshman, on the day my dad died. He had talked to her a few days before he died–and my uncle was in the room and also shared some Scriptures with her. She said she believes in Jesus, she just didn’t understand the importance of being baptized until she read the scriptures for herself. Everyone assumed she knew because she had been brought up at the church and had witnessed many baptisms, had been to church camp, and part of family conversations, etc.

    Well that was an emotional day! At the baptism, I removed my hearing aids and put them somewhere so I wouldn’t lose them–and of course I lost them.

    Last night my daughter-in-law gave me a small present. Someone at the church had found them, so now I can hear again!.

  2. You cannot be too much of a technophobe because you got on the computer and even onto this website okay. All of which is more than my mother will ever do. So props to you! I must admit, that while I might be a young college graduate and computers are definitely not foreign to me…not having them around is nice to. When I was on my missions trip to Venezuela just checking email and the news was amazing enough for me, I can honestly say I didn’t care about to much else. See you this coming Monday.

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