Hello everyone!

Hello everyone, my name is Kevin Fraley. I reside in Ashland, Kentucky with my beautiful wife Jessica and my, also beautiful, soon to be college-bound daughter Kelsie. We also have a son, Zach, which graduated from Morehead State University and still lives and works in Morehead, KY. Our daughter Kelsie will be a freshman this fall at KCU, so everyone at church jokes with her that I started graduate school at KCU so I could keep a close eye on her…that wasn’t my intent, but it’s not a bad idea though 🙂 Well, with her going to college in about a month, Jessica and I will have an empty nest so to speak.  And, I say -so to speak- because we have a two year old Weimaraner named Rudy that is busier and more energetic than any two kids of any age!

     My undergraduate degree and career background is in business management. I’ve been employed at UPS for 23 years in various positions and I’m currently assigned to the business development department working in sales management. For the past couple of years I have felt God leading my life in a new direction and the decision to take the step and begin graduate school was somewhat of a struggle since I’m just past mid-career with my job at UPS. However, I’m very grateful to have the opportunity to start this new life journey. This is my sixth graduate class since entering the program last August and I can’t believe it’s closing in on the half way mark. I have really enjoyed the experience of all of the classes and I look forward to seeing everyone in this class on campus in August.


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  1. Hey Kevin,

    You finally got it figured out! Welcome to the class.

    I graduated with my Ph.D. the same year my daughter graduated from high school. We went hiking on the Appalachian Trail to celebrate.

  2. Kevin, you will never be sorry you made the move. I was 54 and had a job at a coal fired power plant as a supervisor. I had felt that God wanted me to pursue this direction for quite some time and finally one day (with the blessing of my wife) retired early and enrolled in Seminary and now am at KCU. this is my second class at KCU but have a few from Lincoln. I changed schools because of this program suited the distance better than at Lincoln. Look forward to meeting you.

  3. Thanks for the encouragement Bill! Mid to late career changes aren’t easy, but so far taking that first step to get started was really the hardest part. See you in a couple of weeks.

  4. Hey! You live really close. Also…I think if my dad could afford it he would get another Masters degree just to keep tabs on me. I can say, from recently having graduated from KCU, I think your daughter will enjoy it and do just fine. Can’t wait to meet all of you this coming Monday. (crazy isn’t it)

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