My name is John Sievering. I’m 26 years old, married five years, with two children, and I recently began my first preaching ministry in the bustling metropolis of Beaver City, NE. My eventual ministry goal is to teach in college, but I really enjoy and appreciate my congregation and my ministry here, so I’m excited to be able to study while continuing to serve them.
I love learning about the linguistic, cultural, and historical backgrounds of the Bible, so much so that I had considered dragging my family halfway across the country in order to study Biblical archaeology; so when I found KCU’s Biblical Backgrounds program that I could complete without uprooting my family or ending my ministry here unnecessarily early, I was pretty excited.
Old Testament Research is my first class in the program, and I’ve already thoroughly enjoyed the textbooks and what little I’ve seen of the assignments. I am, however, technologically inept, so if you find me posting in the wrong places, kindly point me in the right direction.
I am also excited to be taking this class with my dad, who is beginning the Christian Leadership program.


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  1. Welcome to the class, John. Taking the class with your father will be interesting.

    Would you like to carpool to KY? I am in Manhattan, Kansas.

    Just a couple weeks ago I was in Mullen, NE, for my uncle Tom’s funeral. That’s a way’s north of North Platte.

    Where does your Dad live?

    • I apologize for not replying sooner, but frankly, I lost this post and couldn’t find it again. My dad lives in Murray, NE, which is over by Omaha. We (my wife, kids, and I) are going to go meet my mom and dad there, drive down to Kentucky with them and just make this a total family vacation. (So I’m sorry, but I probably can’t carpool this time.) I’m sorry to hear about your uncle Tom. I used to live in Arthur, NE, which is up that way, so we knew Mullen pretty well. I think they were in our conference for basketball.

  2. John, I have a similar reason for attending KCU. I like the long distance learning opportunities they offer especially with the week long pod format that allows some face to face time with professors and students. Look forward to seeing you. Are you in the middle of cornfields? we are in Illinois.

  3. Hello John, welcome to the graduate program! I started with one class last August and now a year later I’m working to finish 18 hours. The program has worked well for me and it has been a good balance and I hope the same for you. I look forward to meeting you and your dad. It will be a treat that you guys get to do this together.

  4. Glad to welcome you to the program…having been the workstudy for Dr. Fiensy (the dean of the graduate school) I came to know some people fairly well if only by name and if you had taken a class recently. Now I am on the other side of the program, wondering where all the time went for my undergraduate degree. Looking forward to meeting you.

    I also used to live in Illinois.

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