Katherine Jones

I am what people would call a seasoned mover and traveler. My father was Air Force for 20 years, and so for 17 years of my life I was an air force “brat”. Traveling and see the world became part of who I am, and for my 22 years of age I can safely say I have lived in or visited 47 out of the 50 states and have gone to 6 countries. I can also safely say that I moved every three years during those 17 years of air force living and have gotten really tired of looking at boxes…and moving vans. But none the less it was an interesting experience and one that I am very blessed to have had.

I was born in South Dakota and by the grace of God found my way in to the loving arms of my parents…because another interesting fact about myself is that I am adopted. I was only 6 months old, or there about, when the adoption was finalized so I have no recollection of my birth parents but find myself very lucky to have been adopted into the family I was. I can say that not only was I lucky physically to end up where I was, but I was lucky spiritually as well. Both of my adoptive parents are Christians and so I was raised in a stable Christian home and was introduced to Christ and the church from the time I was born.

Going to church was a weekly event in our family. One didn’t miss unless you were sick or were traveling and it was just not possible to stop. However, church was never a burden for me, and I never felt like I was being made to go somewhere I did not want to. My encounter with God that forever left me changed was after September 11, 2001. I came to Christ officially on November 14, 2001 but the process began on that fateful Tuesday. For my family and I we were living in Washington D.C. when the World Trade Center and the Pentagon were attacked, with my dad being stationed at Ft. Belvoir. It was a scary time, especially in Washington D.C. when so much of the populous is military and is stationed at surround military bases and the Pentagon, including many friends and family that you have known since the beginning of your military career. That day showed my exactly how unpredictable and short life can be, and that I was no where near where I needed to be spiritually if I had met God that day.

Since my spiritual birth I felt a calling to attend a Christian University and to get my degree in children’s ministry. So I recently finished that calling and attained my degree from KCU just this May in fact. However, God does not see fit that I leave this university with just a bachelors degree apparently, because he has laid it on both my heart and the heart of husband to stay in the area and work on completing our masters. Which truth be told was not something I was completely convinced of when I came here to begin with. I knew they had this program and that I could even get it tuition free, but I was not sure that, that was where God wanted me until my senior year when I finally felt like God was saying that your time and ministry here has only begun. I do not really know what God has in store for us but I am sure that this grad class will be only the beginning of many learning experiences ahead, and I am really looking forward to a new adventure.


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  1. Sounds like the Joneses make an interesting family. Welcome to the class.

    So you were–what 13 on September 11, 2001?

    I am old enough to remember where I was and what I was doing when President Kennedy was assassinated. I was in second grade at recess when I first heard the rumors. They brought us inside and told us officially in class.

  2. I am like Mark, I am old enough to remember what was happening when President Kennedy was assassinated as well. I was in the 5th grade and the schools janitor came in and told the class that the president had been shot. What a day.

    I am never ceased to be amazed at what God can do even in the midst of tragedy and carnage. Even in the evil of 9/11 something good happened for a new member of God’s family came on board. Just as you were adopted into a wonderful family that loves you and has accepted you as you are so are you in the family of God. Welcome. I look forward to seeing you as well. I am not too enthralled with this impersonal contact and look forwar to faces and smiles that I can see in person.

    I remember what I was doing when the trade center collapsed. I live on a farm and had gotten wind of the attack and came in to turn on the television thinking from what my mother said a little twin engine 4 passenger plane had crashed into the Twin Towers. When I saw what had happened I was so shaken that I left the house and walked outside in the beatiful fall day and asked Jesus why He didn’t return now and put and end to all this evil. I guess it was because you were to come to him as one of the reasons He has waited. Bill Littrell

  3. Bill: Thanks. I had that very thought when I asked why a few years ago. God could have stopped it yes, but would the American unity and return to God (however short-lived) have had such a profound impact? I would have to say no. God could have allowed something else to happen, but who is to say that, that would have resulted in my coming to Christ? Only God knows the answer to that. While it will always be a sad day for me, in that I lost friends that day, it will be a reminder of what is to come.

    Mark: Yes the Joneses do make an interesting family to say the least. No, my birthday is actually in January so i would have been 14 then.

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