More Dates

Here is an updated list of dates for biblical history:

  • 1850 or 1650 God calls Abraham out of Iraq

  • 1445 or 1290 God brings Israel out of Egypt

  • 1000 BC  David was king

    • 930 BC Divided Kingdom Israel and Judah

  • 722  BC    Destruction of Samaria, end of northern Kingdom of Israel, exile of 10 northern tribes

    • 609 BC   Death of King Josiah

    • 605 BC   Babylon Rules the World, first wave of captivity

    • 597 BC    Second wave of captivity

  • 586 BC     Destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple; Babylonian exile of Judah.

    • 538 BC    Decree of Cyrus officially ending the captivity


One Response

  1. I find it interesting that Abraham lived about 2000 years (give or take, just using a round number) from Christ. We also live 2000 years from Christ, but on the other side of the cross. This really doesn’t change anything for me, but I see it as an interesting comparison.

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