Hebrew for Dummies

So about now I am really wishing life was a little more like the matrix movies where I could just download information into my brain through an ominous needle. I guess I have not had that desire since undergrad 🙂  .   I was reading on someone’s post in the class about how they realized how hard English is to learn…I for one am glad I learned it as a child b/c I agree it is hard and I do not think I could learn it otherwise…or other languages for that matter.  I only passed my two required years of spanish in high school because though I could not say anything in Spanish, I was the best cook in the class and became the fiesta chef and supplied food for our parties.  (resulting in subsequent bonus points and a passing grade.)  My teacher actually sat me down once and told me I could not just add “el” to the beginning of an English word and an “o” to the end and call it Spanish.  (i.e. el dog-0)

That said Hebrew has been a challenge for me.  I have flash cards, I say the words, I write them…then I forget it as soon as I step away.  The language is certainly interesting in the pronunciation and characters, but their novelty has only increased my trouble learning them.

I can totally understand the importance of learning the original language.  Like watching a poorly done foreign film, I often wonder how many times our translations totally miss the mark from the original language.

Though it is disheartening looking at a language with an alphabet I cannot even comprehend, it is interesting seeing what just a few minutes with a lexicon can turn up in a passage…thus solidifying the importance of original language research.

I guess I am interested in knowing if anyone else is having trouble with the Hebrew aspect of our assignments.



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  1. I’m with you. “I know kung fu!” I actually really like language and languages, and just the “aleph bet” has been a struggle for me. Identifying the characters is hard because they look absolutely nothing like anything else I’m familiar with; there are no analogs. I’m excited to get better, though, because Hebrew is really fun to listen to.

    • You think Hebrew is fun to listen to- just wait until you hear this guy from Kentucky try to speak it.! I’m not quite sure yet how my Kentuckyish blends in with the Hebrew alef bet??

  2. Yes. Hebrew is completely foreign to me. Unlike learning spanish, which i also had 2 years of, it is a completely new alphabet, totally different sounds and meanings, and worst of all no vowels! It is very difficult. I am afraid i will KNOW little more than the alphabet by next week. I hope the class will enlighten me more because it is very interesting and i can see the great benefit to knowing the original language. But yes, i share in your pain–Hebrew is a very difficult and confusing language.

  3. One of my biggest problems was learning how to write the block letters. I found a website, however, that shows you how to write them. This site might be benefical to others. The site is: http://allthingshebrew.com/hebrewalphabet.php

  4. *beneficial

  5. If anybody still out there struggling with the Hebrew Alphabet exercise, as I am… I found this on the Hebrew for Christians web site. Kind of brings back memories of how I learned another alphabet many years ago.

    [audio src="http://www.hebrew4christians.com/Grammar/Unit_One/Aleph-Bet/abet022.mp3" /]

  6. Hi guys! I have been learning languages for years: Ukrainian, English, German, Latin, Greek, Gothic… but it doesn’t make it easier for me to learn Hebrew. What I want to say is the more you struggle with the language the better you remember it. 🙂

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