But Who Makes the Decision?

We talk about this subject, in one way or another, at many of our Bible Studies here at our church.  Perhaps we don’t phrase the question the same way every time, but the question indeed comes up.  When it comes to matter of faith, we need to make a decision!  Of course, the decision is up to us on whether or not Jesus will be Lord of our lives, and I make that point every Sunday morning.  Some of the things we are discussing on this blog fall into the same category.

When we read in our commentary about the observed discrepancies between translations or even between books of the Bible, it always crosses my mind-briefly-as to how important it is to even pay attention to these points.  While the historicity of Scripture can be important, especially as Scripture is proven factual by scholars, archeologists, and the like, I don’t believe that should be of the highest priority, as others have mentioned.  I guess the decision made would depend on what is important to the decision maker!

On occasion a person will tell me that they don’t believe that Jesus is the Son of God.  My response is something to the effect of, “It doesn’t matter what you believe-it doesn’t change the fact that Jesus truly is God’s Son.”  This type of person has “made the decision” for themselves and against placing Jesus in His rightful place as Lord of their lives.

We can look back at  the time of the Reformation and see the major debates that took place regarding the writings that were to be included in “the Old Testament”.  Was the basis for the book to be the Hebrew Bible or the Greek and Latin versions,  where theses versions contain many books not found in the Hebrew writings?  The Protestants “made a decision” to differentiate between the Old Testament and what was later to be known as the “Apocrypha”.  Was this an important decision?  Were the decision makers closer to God?  I’m sure these questions can be, and still are being debated, ad nauseum…

In reality, doesn’t it really boil down to the fact that the truths are there and our decision should be to follow the Lord, pray, and obey what we know is true?  We quote John 14:6 often enough to know that Jesus just doesn’t speak the truth, but is the truth!  The decision to be made becomes whether or not we choose Him for life.  That decision makes worrying over which perceived version, date, author, location, battle, etc. insignificant in the whole scheme of things…  We make the decision as to Who we will follow!


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  1. This is an excellent point. No one here will argue that what we are in this class to study doesn’t matter. However, it is ABSOLUTELY important to note that our studies here have their place in “the whole scheme of things”, and that it is not front-and-center. That space belongs to Jesus, and this is just another satellite in His field.

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