Digging In To the Hebrew Language

For a guy that hasn’t been challenged to learn the “aleph bet” of a foreign language in over twenty-six years, I have to admit this assignment along with the first couple of lessons on the history of writing and the Hebrew language all seemed a little intimidating to me. From the outset I wanted to back pedal this class because I started having what I guess you could call, “Moses moments.” I began asking myself, who am I??? Suppose I_________________??? What if ____________??? Send someone else_________!!! However, as I have plugged along and tried to learn a couple of letters each day, I think I’m now to the point of saying I have learned them and I want to learn a little more. So, I’m really looking forward to being on campus and learning with and from everyone.

Since starting this assignment on the Hebrew language, it has sparked my interest in taking a little closer look at the Hebrew words that I’ve been coming across in some of my other reading.  Just last night I was reading through an article concerning the names of God and I found some biblical words that are related to praising God. I found that there are more than 40 words related to the word “praise” in the Old Testament. Hallal, being one of them, means to celebrate, to boast, or to extol. Hallal is used over 100 times which makes it the most common used word related to praise. I read on to find that Hallal is used with the name of God twenty-four times and from the combination we get “Hallelujah”.

I’m sure I have come across the meaning of this word and the connection it makes with praising God at some point in time in other studies.  However, now that I have a deeper interest in the Hebrew language I believe I have a new found appreciation for more than just the transliteration. I want to see how the Hebrew language captures the things that our English language sometimes fails to do.  I’m looking forward to studying many other Hebrew words that bring us closer to God and his Word.


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