Help for the new guy

As this is my first graduate class at KCU, I have some questions about how things work. I’ve been thinking about these for awhile, and decided with this format, perhaps some experienced folks might be able to fill me in ahead of time.

When would be the best time to go get my ID and/or meet my advisor?

Where do we eat lunch?

What type of attire is appropriate for class?

Will we have assignments to work on during each evening, or will one or more be free for exploring the campus/area?

Thanks for your help!

Mark Sievering


5 Responses

  1. Hi Mark—good questions and very appropriate…

    1. I would start with Jane Shick. She’s in the building that you would run into by coming in the main entrance to the campus and not turning—it’s where the gym is… You want to walk in the doors to the right side, turn right down the hallway and go about two or three doors down on the right. She will direct you to the lady that will take your picture and get you your ID. If you get there by 8:30 on Monday AM you should have plenty of time—if Jane is in… If not you might have to run over there during a break or at lunch. Our class is in the Smith building—the next building to the north—to the right as you face Jane’s building (it’s not really her building, though 🙂

    2. Dr. Fiensy (fin-a-see) will be your advisor more than likely. He’s the grad dean and his office is in the Smith building as well and usually makes an appearance in the grad classes to introduce himself and to offer any assistance. He usually passes around a sign-up sheet for anyone to get on his schedule. I have always known him to be very anxious to help in any way.

    3. Unless the undergrad population is on campus, the cafeteria is usually closed. There is a McDonald’s within walking distance and many other restaurants within a short drive. The main drag in front of the school is kind of a crazy road—five lane with a center turn—hey it’s Kentucky—what can I say?

    4. Attire? Preferred! I usually wear a golf shirt and slacks/jeans. But in actuality, I’ve seen it all and no one seems to be bothered by anything—cutoffs—sandals—t-shirts-tennies—I haven’t seen many ties or jackets though…

    5. Some of the profs have given evening assignments and some haven’t. I’m sure Dr. Alterman will be very kind, understanding and lenient knowing the great stress and mental strain that we all are under…(hint). By the way, while you’re on campus make sure to catch the library. When I finish up my projects, I will usually drive from my home to Grayson (40 miles—southern Ohio) to use the library and its resources. The staff is very helpful and will bend over backwards to assist you…

    Give me a call if you would like. My cell is 740-464-5973. I hope this helps…

    Randy Wickham

    • Thank you! This is all extremely helpful information. Guess I probably should have asked earlier rather than stressing/wandering for several days. Especially since I haven’t had anything else to do . . . (???????????)

  2. Oh man Randy,

    I was going to say that everyone wears monkey costumes to class. Oh well…


    • Well Brian, I figured that since you and I have always had the best monkey costumes, I didn’t figure Mark would have a chance! :0

      (great reply!)

  3. Too bad, too. My monkey costume is at the cleaners. I would have just had to wear my giant banana costume.

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