Authorship Issues

I have been wrestling with the idea of this authorship issue for days. And that’s okay, it has challenged me to go look at some things that I needed to see. The fact is however, in my several days of studying and thinking about this topic I am more compelled to keep hold of the traditional view that attributes all the Pentateuch to Moses. With that being said, the time I spent studying and reading the work of the supporting scholars places me in no more of a position to prove “absolutely” why I hold this view any more than what the critical scholars have to offer to prove their claim of denial of Mosaic authorship.

From what I have gathered, both Scripture and tradition was enough to convince most people beyond a reasonable doubt that Moses was the author. Now, while I’m not willing to hold my position based on tradition alone, I am willing to stick to my position based on Scripture. Having said that, I realize Scripture does not name Moses as the author of Genesis, but I do understand there would have been no one more qualified to write the book. This statement is based on Acts 7:22, “Moses was educated in all the wisdom of the Egyptians”. Additionally, and more importantly, God told Moses, “I will be with you” (Exodus 3:12). I take this to mean that God can be with Moses to show him the past, to show him the present, and to show him the future if He chooses to do so.

If we look at Luke 24:44, Jesus is talking to his disciples after His resurrection. He is talking to them about the facts that are written in the Old Testament which includes the Law of Moses. This is a key teaching moment that proves to the disciples that he is the Messiah and prophecy is now fulfilled.  I see this as a moment in which Jesus is telling the disciples just exactly the way it is. While I realize the authorship still can’t be proven with absolute certainty, my belief is that Jesus’ words point to Moses and Jesus is the final authority on the issue.


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  1. I agree with both your conclusion and how you reach it. I often fall back to the traditional view. That is not to say that i don’t consider the other views, but what i usually find is that the arguments are often not very strong and the end is a position much more precarious than the beginning. We go from the solid answer of Moses to JEDP, a messy web of nonsensical almosts. In science, as a general rule, the simplest answer is the right one. I think it is often that way in life as a whole, including authorship.

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