Three Prophets

For my fourth and final “wild card” post, I have to stay on the topic of the authors of the Bible.  This time it’s not a defense to the claim of authorship, but a contrast and comparison of how God called three men to be his prophets- to speak on His behalf.  Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Amos were all very different men who were called in very different ways by God.

 Isaiah responded humbly.  Jeremiah responded much like Moses.  And, when Amos answered the call it took him away from his duties of sheepherding and tending to sycamore groves.

Our commentary tells us that tradition holds that Isaiah had royal blood and was able to hang out with the kings, Jeremiah’s father was a priest, and Amos on the other hand, clearly said he was “Neither a prophet nor a prophet’s son” when the Lord called him (Amos 7:14).

The name Isaiah translates to mean “Yahweh is salvation.”  The name Jeremiah possibly comes from the root meaning to “lift up” or “loosen the womb”—Jeremiah said when the Lord came to him he was only a child, but if we look at Jeremiah 1:5 we read that  God told him he was set apart in the womb, therefore he was called as a prophet in the womb! On the other hand the name Amos, “to carry” or “to load”, according to our commentary does not make any connection to any ideas in the book.

The point is, all three men were different, but they were all called by God and they all served the word of the Lord.

One thing I appreciate as I get older is how God calls people with differing gifts, from all walks of life, spread across a wide range of age groups, and from and all levels of spiritual maturity.  Part of the call into the ministry means He will work us through things, but He expects us to work on them also.  However, the promise is- if He calls us He will be with us.


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  1. I enjoy names and their meanings. In the Bible names mean so much. Reading through the commentary I wrote down all the meanings of the prophet’s names. So many of them do relate to their message. Micah means “who is like YHWY?” and his book is about the sovereignty of God. Zechariah means “YHWY remembers” and his book is all about God’s deliverance and the rebuilding of the temple. It is soo cool.
    It is great to see how He uses different people, how gifts we would never think of can be a great asset. He can and does call everyone. We are all loved and none of us is useless.

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