Hebrew Language

I was studying some dictionaries for the research paper that we have to write and I am really finding some interesting things about the Hebrew language. First of all, I wish that I would have taken Hebrew during my undergrad work. I thought about it because I have always been interested in language but just never jumped in and did it. The thing that I like about studying the Hebrew language (and the Greek for that matter) is we can learn what the root is of so many words that make up the foundation of the theology of our Christian faith. So often I just take a word to mean what I have been taught but when I go through and examine the original contexts and alternate uses, it gives it so much more depth and meaning. I think the word studies are a very useful tool when doing exegetical work and something that I will use from now on. The Hebrew language was something that I was intimidated by when we tried to learn the alphabet for class and it still intimidates me a little because I really don’t know how to read or pronounce any of it, but I have a new appreciation for it nonetheless.


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