Leadership (topic of choice)

I am studying leadership for my research paper and I think that there are a lot of important things that we can learn from the leadership of the founders of our Christian faith. The first thing is that their hearts and minds were focused on God’s will. They had a heart that sought after God before anything else and because of that, they were able to be successful. When their heart strayed after worldly things, there were consequences for example Moses is not able to enter the promised land after leading the people for all that time. Seeking God first in our positions of leadership is what is going to be blessed by Him, not seeking our own agendas. Humility is another thing that is key for leaders to possess. Having humility means that you are not seeking your own glory, that you don’t need the recognition, and that you can give the credit to other people. It also means that you are willing to admit when you have made a mistake even if it means having to tell those under you that you were wrong. Delegation is vital to leaders. Moses knew it and he appointed people to do the work that he didn’t need to do before he got so overwhelmed by the burden of the people that he wore out. Solomon and other kings also knew to establish counsels of people around them to command their militaries and ensure that their kingdom is running smoothly in all areas. If a leader takes on everything by themselves, there is no way that they will last for long in that position.


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