Sappho Papyrus on Display

I happen to be in New York this week; and I plan to get to the Morgan library to see a fabulous display of items on loan from the Bodleian Library of Oxford; including an 1800-year-old fragmentary papyrus of  Sappho’s hymn to Aphrodite. If you want to study the poem before going to the exhibit, Sean Palmer has compiled a very helpful page of the Complete Poems of Sappho that have survived, with Greek Text and English translation.


2 Responses

  1. It truly astonishes me that one poet, from whom we have only tiny fragments of poetry, could have so dramatically influenced the world. Granted, she was widely recognized during her lifetime as a brilliant lyrical poet, but it seems there must be more that we don’t know. I would love to sneak into the past and meet her.

  2. Sappho was so popular in the ancient world that she was frequently quoted. Her poems have been reconstructed from these quotations. In addition to a few papyrus fragments, I believe there is a portion written on a piece of broken pottery (an ostracon).

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