OT Research and Application” is a blog that was originally designed for a class of that name to be offered the summer of 2008 at Kentucky Christian University.  It will be used again for the same class the summer of 2010.

Currently (June 2010) the course assignments are being revised.  The revision should be finished by June 28, 2010.

After the class was over, I decided to keep it as a handy place to post sources for biblical study.  I have renamed the site “Biblical Research.”  The following was part of the original description of the class:

Members of the class will be Authors of posts, and the blog will be useful mainly to them–but anyone in the world is welcome to look over our shoulders, and to post comments.

The class BIOT500 is taught by Dr. Mark Alterman, and is a Masters level graduate class.


Click on the “Home” tab on the top, and it will take you to the blog section of this site. Both Dr. Alterman and the students will be writing posts here. Each new post will go to the top; you can scroll down to read old posts.

You can click either on the “Lessons” tab at the top, or see the outline of lessons on the left and click on an individual lesson. New Lessons will be appearing as the class progresses.

The “Blogroll” on the right lists a few other sites of interest. Students enrolled in the class should do some browsing of these sites.

“Categories” on the left helps to organize the posts.  As this site grows, it will be helpful for locating older posts and finding all posts on a related topic.  You can also use the “Search” box at the top right to find posts on specific topics.  If you click on “Entries RSS” on the upper left, you can “subscribe” to have all new posts sent to your email.

24 Responses

  1. My name is Niki Sealey. I am a Children’s Minister at Farragut Christian Church. I got my under grad degree from Johnson Bible College and graduated in 2000. I am married to Ben and have 2 kids, Josiah who is almost 4 and Thad who is 16 months old. This is only my third grad class and I am excited to see how the OT Research class can help me with all of the curriculum writing I do.

  2. Welcome to the class Niki. It looks like you are going to put what you learn right to work. You should find the children’s Hebrew alphabet site interesting. It’s the first one on the list in the post “Help for Learning the Hebrew Alphabet.” By the way, I have made you an “author,” so you can now write new posts. If you are logged in you should see a tab for “New Post” at the top.

  3. My name is Bryan Drum. I am youth minister at Midway Christian Church in Winder, Georgia. My wife’s name is Tabitha and we have 4 (yes four) beautiful and amazing daughters (yes, all girls). I am originally from Illinois and graduated from Lincoln Christian College in 1996. We have been in youth minister full-time for 12 years but here in Georgia for 2 going on 3 years. Hobbies include my Spider-Man collection, reading, keeping up with my girls, and “trying” to learn to play the guitar.

  4. Welcome Bryan. We have a daughter named Tabitha.

    I have changed you to an “author,” so now when you log on you can write a new post or leave a comment without having to wait for it to be approved.

  5. Hi, I’m Laura Eastman. I am a December 2007 graduate of KCU, and am originally from Cambridge City, IN. I am currently attending Northeast Christian Church near Kissimmee, FL, and am working at Blizzard Beach in Disney World. I have a passion for Hispanic ministry, and so I love that the majority of my coworkers are Puerto Rican. In fact, 80% of the people working at Blizzard Beach speak Spanish. I also love the daily interaction with people from all parts of the world.

  6. Bienvenido a “Biblical Research” Laura!

  7. Hi, I’m Tim Secrist from Peach Creek, WV. I am the minister of the Crooked Creek Church of Christ and have been here for over seven years. I have been in the ministry for almost 30 years. My wife, Debra and I have been married for almost 27 years. I have three children, twin boys who are soon to be 24, and and daughter who just graduated from high school. I enjoy fishing, reading and music. I play the guitar some, both acustic and classical. I moved here from metro Atlanta, Georgia.

  8. Hi Bryan, I used to live in Winder Georgia, lived there twice in fact. The last time was in 1994-95. We actually attended Midway Christian Church for that time period. John and Candy are friends of ours, though we don’t see them much since we live in WV. I grew up in the Hebron Christian Church where my father was the minister in the 70’s. Tell everyone at Midway hello for us. They were mighty good to us when I was in a tight spot. We love those folks. See you in August.

  9. Hey! My name is Derek Sloan and I am taking this class for dual credit. I got another year of my undergrad to go from KCU (youth ministry major). I am currently working at Crossroads Christian Church in Lexington, KY. I am doing a year long internship as a youth/worship pastor. I am excited to see how this class pans out… it’s my first grad class so I am uncertain of what to expect.

  10. Hi, my name is Brandon Hatfield. I’m a 2006 grad of KCU. My wife Megan is a 2005 grad from KCU and we have one son named Ethan who is 15 months old. We serve at Walnut Grove Christian Church in Arcola IL where I am the Preaching Minister. I am looking forward to meeting all of you and Dr. Alterman and very excited to begin this class!

  11. Hello:
    My name is Dan Cooper. I am the minister of Outreach and Evangelism at the Gateway Church in Saint Albans, WV. I am working toward the CMMN degree at KCU and have just this OT class and the NT class to go. Oh, and then there is the thesis also. I may still decide to take one more online class and do the comp exam instead, but I like the idea of the thesis. I’ve been married to my wife for 25 years (Silver) and we have a 23 year old and a 10 year old. Yes, God has a sense of humor. I’m way too busy to be taking this class, but I’m sure I’ll find a way to get a lot out of it. So, do you suppose we will be learning the Hebrew language in this class? I’m working on the coloring pages – that’s more my style. I look forward to getting to know each of you through this blog and to meeting you on campus in August.

    PS I posted this somewhere else on this blog, but then I noticed everyone was posting here. I also noticed Andrew posted his info. under the Lesson 1 page. I have an AS degree from NIT in Electronics, and AA degree from West Virginia State Community & Technical College in Education, and an RBA from West Virginia State University. I took a couple of online theology courses from KCU to become eligible for the master’s program. I’ve never been an undergrad student at KCU but I stayed at the Holiday Inn there more than once and spent 17 years chasing Bible Bowlers around. Does that make me an Alumnus?

  12. Hi, Ya all.

    Tim Rohrbacher, hailing from Columbus, Ohio. I am a 1983 grad from KCU. Finished the MM program in `93, and hope to finish the MA program in the spring `09.

    Jenny and I have been married almost 29 years. Our three children are all in their twenties (Jackie, Jimmy, and Josh), and are married. The two oldest have blessed us with four granddaughters. Another grandchild will arrive in January. The grandchildren are an absolute delight. The oldest just turned two.

    We are a close family. The one thing we miss the most is worshipping together on Sundays. Jackie, Brian and the girls live in Michigan. Jimmy serves a church in the area as a youth minister. So, he, Shae and their girls are there. Josh and Samantha worship with a church family near their home.

    Jenny has followed my pastor’s heart and my seabag. (I served in the Us Navy in the `80’s as an enlisted sailor) to a variety of locations. Often I have been bi-vocational, serving churches, and working at a variety of other occupations. We have been in the Columbus, Ohio area now for eight years.

    Jenny is a school bus driver for Worthington City Schools. I have been serving for two years as the Minister to Gahanna Church of Christ. We enjoy serving this small church family. Helping to restore this congregation to health is both challenging and humbling.

    I look forward to meeting everyone. I have all ready begun praying that the Lord will bless our studies, time management skills, and our families.

    I look forward to meeting everyone. Happy reading and writing. Philippians 3:7-14

  13. Hey all.

    My name is Kurt Charlton. I’m originally from southern Illinois, I went to school @ KCU in Kentucky, married my college sweetheart from Michigan, and now I live in Ohio. Oh, and I’m a St. Louis Cardinals fan. I guess you can say I love the midwest!

    I graduated in ’07 with a degree in Advanced Biblical Studies, and I’m almost done with my Masters in New Testament. I have been the student minister at Bethel Church of Christ in Bethel, OH (just outside of Cincinnati) for the past year and I love it.

    My amazing wife is 2 months pregnant with our first child, and God is teaching me how to be patient with her, be in 3 places at one time, and have more faith in Him!

  14. My name is Andrew Bloemker, I graduated KCU in 05 and am married to my beautiful wife Mandi. We have a dog named buster and we are both pursuing our foreign language studies in the spanish language. I like riding motorcycles and working on Cars when i’m not doing youth ministry. I have served at Christ’s Church of Effingham for 3.5 years and loving it, doing high school ministry. And finally i think i know how to use this site so I can post! IT’s only taken me 2 weeks to figure it out!

  15. OK Andrew, you are a published blogger. You can click “New Post” at the top right of the home page, and your post will be at the top of the Home Page.

  16. Enns’ book
    July 14, 2008 by peachycreeky
    I’m enjoying reading Peter Enns book for the second time, this time much slower and taking notes. I find his comments helpful and his honesty encouraging. He doesn’t seem to gloss over the difficulties, and admits when he doesn’t have all the answers. I especially like his comment on page 48 (of my book): In speaking of the evidences of extra-biblical texts, he says, “Though they are not determinative, they are wholly relevant to how we understand today what the Bible is. To state the opposite, I reject the notion that a modern doctrine of scripture can be articulated in blissful isolation from the evidence we have.” I love that position, because it satisfies both my scriptural and acedemic curiosity and interest.

    I feel that when thorny issues arise, it does a disservice to all Christondom to ignore them, discount them or try to explain them away. If the Bible is the word of God, and I believe it is, then it does not need defending from us, only clarification by what is meant in its context. The fact that we don’t understand it all does not invalidate it. It simply means we don’t have all the answers, and in fact, we may not ever have them all. Curiosity about so important a document as the Bible will always, and should always, garner question from the honestly seeking.

    On a different note, I am in sympathy with all of you who have small children at home. Not because you have children, but because it makes it a little more difficult to find time to take classes. Demands by family are substantial, and I’m confident that makes it a challenge to get everything done. I’ll pray for patience and strength for you all.

  17. Tim, thanks for the sympathy. To think that your on your second read of Enns’ book just isn’t fair (just joking of course). Your comments inspire me to get through the book more quickly. I agree that problem text should be examined and not ignored. Unfortunately we still have many Christians content to let someone else do their thinking for them. Today is especially challenging as most so called seekers see church as a cafeteria of sorts where they can pick and choose things they like and never get to a point where they are simply wrestling with God over his Will and desire in their lives.

  18. Hey everybody, I just read where Peter Enns got suspended (fired?) for the book we’re reading. It seems that it didn’t fit with the Westminster Confession that is followed by the Westminster theological Seminary where Dr. Enns teaches. I went to his web site and he discusses it there. Personally, I found the book wonderfully liberating in that he confirms the divinity of the Bible as the world of God, but also recognizes that it is written by humans, for humans in a human context. One of the reasons Enns is on the hot seat is because he is accused of saying the humanness of the Bible takes away from the divinity of it. Try saying some of the stuff at your church that Enns wrote and you may get fired too. Anyway, it’s an interesting controversy that I’m sure we’ll discuss furhter in class.

  19. There goes my hopes of no misspelled words.

  20. Below is an e-mail that I sent to Dr. Enns after reading about him being suspended for his book, Inspiration and Incarnation (I&I). His response is included.

    Dr. Enns, I was disappointed to hear of your suspension (firing?) at WTS over your book. I have just read it twice, underlining many things in it the second time through. I had to read it for a class I’m taking at Kentucky Christian University in Grayson, KY, taught by Dr. Mark Alterman, called OT Research. I am a part of a rather conservative group, the independent Christian Church/Churches of Christ. I found nothing in the book to warrant a suspension or firing. I guess I fall on the side of being somewhat liberated by the book. I must admit, though, that if I were to say some of the things in my pulpit that you said, I, too, would come under attack. It wouldn’t be because they were wrong, but because my folks would not be ready to hear them. I suppose it’s true that if you want to irritate people, challenge their politics or their theology. While I don’t know much about the Westminster Confession (I will) or how your book supposedly violates that, I concur that you repeatedly confirmed the Divinity, and humanity, of scripture. I do hope that you will be encouraged by all the support you receive. I will pray for strength for you and hope the dust settles quickly.

    Tim Secrist, Peach Creek, West Virginia


    Thanks for your email. I really appreciate the time you took to let me know what you’re thinking about I&I. These are hard waters to negotiate, aren’t they?

    I have indeed received a lot of support, many more than detractors. The books has reached the types of readers I was aiming for.

    Peter Enns
    c. 215-840-6946

  21. Hey Tim, I read your email that you wrote to Peter Enns and I sent him the email yesterday.

  22. Mr. Enns,
    I dont understand your book on broad way but I had some same questions which you had and I struggled with them on Muslim land. I could not ask these questions to the Eastern Christians even because they are very passionate about the Bible. I am agree with you on many places but I am not agree with you where you talk about NT appostles when they directed the birth of Jesus with the OT. Bible was writen thousands of years ago but you are camparing it with Western knowledge of today. People talked in proverbs, axioms, prables those days. Those appostles I believe talked to their people in their language but you are comparing them with today. Mr. Peter Enns make sure you be careful when you travelle to Muslim lands because they believe OT very much and they are very passionate about religion. Do not talk about your book and make sure do not tell them your name even. Tell a lie to them that I am not Peter Enns. –Mehboob

  23. (Inspiration and Incarnation by Peter Enns)
    You all are writing your comments and it is good to open our minds but my question is what are we going to teach to the lay people. I talked with some of them here in Houston TX. They are not happy. They are upset and they do not want me to talk about this book anymore to anyone in the church. I believe this book is good for Church leaders. We should not talk to the lay-people about it. Some people are inocent and can be miss-led. —Mehboob

  24. Mehboob, I believe you are right in using caution to talk to people about the book. My thing is not to bring it up unless someone else does. It has the possiblity of really upsetting folks because they may only hear a little bit of it, and that may be out of context. I’m glad you tested the waters to see what reaction you may get, but the reaction was about what we would expect. Hope things are going well for you. Hope we’ll have another class together.

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