Hebrew Roots

Nearly All Verbs, and most Nouns, are formed from ‘triliteral roots”, i.e. 3 consonants.

  1. דבר Noun ‘word’;

  2. דבר Verb ‘speak’

  3. ברא ‘create’; ‘he created’

  4. קרא ‘call’

Go to Children’s Hebrew Lessons at Aklah and learn a few Hebrew words! Click here and then click on a letter of the alphabet.


2 Responses

  1. These Hebrew tools are awesome. I wish they had been around years ago. I appreciate the the printable practice pages. Cool!

  2. The Children Hebrew Lesson that is a hit. Especially they pronounce them for you. I had a flash back to Girdwoods 8:00 am course. Yikes

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