We are not following a strict schedule in the days leading up to the intensive week on campus.  I would like you to read the four Lessons under “Pages” to the left (include the subheadings and look up some of the links.)  I would recommend taking some notes–some of the material may show up on quizzes or exams later.  You may also wish to comment on some of the material.  There will definitely be a quiz over the Hebrew alphabet the first day on campus!

I am giving some additional on-line assignments as blog posts:  I will keep the links here:

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First Challenge

Second Challenge

Responses to First Challenge


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  1. Enns’ book
    July 14, 2008 by peachycreeky
    I’m enjoying reading Peter Enns book for the second time, this time much slower and taking notes. I find his comments helpful and his honesty encouraging. He doesn’t seem to gloss over the difficulties, and admits when he doesn’t have all the answers. I especially like his comment on page 48 (of my book): In speaking of the evidences of extra-biblical texts, he says, “Though they are not determinative, they are wholly relevant to how we understand today what the Bible is. To state the opposite, I reject the notion that a modern doctrine of scripture can be articulated in blissful isolation from the evidence we have.” I love that position, because it satisfies both my scriptural and acedemic curiosity and interest.

    I feel that when thorny issues arise, it does a disservice to all Christondom to ignore them, discount them or try to explain them away. If the Bible is the word of God, and I believe it is, then it does not need defending from us, only clarification by what is meant in its context. The fact that we don’t understand it all does not invalidate it. It simply means we don’t have all the answers, and in fact, we may not ever have them all. Curiosity about so important a document as the Bible will always, and should always, garner question from the honestly seeking.

    On a different note, I am in sympathy with all of you who have small children at home. Not because you have children, but because it makes it a little more difficult to find time to take classes. Demands by family are substantial, and I’m confident that makes it a challenge to get everything done. I’ll pray for patience and strength for you all.

    • Maybe send up a little prayer for my husband, too! We have 4 children that he wil be at home with this week so that I can take the class! (He has never kept all of them that long…)

  2. OK, we will pray for him. Remember God was with Daniel when he was alone with the lions!

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