Hebrew Jonah Comic

I thought I posted this link earlier, but maybe that was on another blog.  The animated Hebrew Jonah Comic strip is a terrific tool for learning Hebrew.  You have to download Shockwave to run it, but you only have to do that once.  You can then play the comic strip online or download it.

The cartoons include sound, and the letters can be displayed in printed Hebrew, cursive,  or archaic script.  In addition, you can display a translation at the bottom of the page in any of several languages.

Review of Kitchen on the OT

The Bible and Interpretation had a review of Kenneth Kitchen’s Reliability of the Old Testament back in 2004.  Basically the review argues that Kitchen makes some valid points but resorts too much to name calling and polemics.  The reviewer, Charles Isabel, concludes that Kitchen is a better Egyptologist than OT scholar.