Sappho Papyrus on Display

I happen to be in New York this week; and I plan to get to the Morgan library to see a fabulous display of items on loan from the Bodleian Library of Oxford; including an 1800-year-old fragmentary papyrus of  Sappho’s hymn to Aphrodite. If you want to study the poem before going to the exhibit, Sean Palmer has compiled a very helpful page of the Complete Poems of Sappho that have survived, with Greek Text and English translation.

A New Flood Tablet

There are many clay tablets from Mesopotamia that tell versions of the great flood.  Evidently this new discover is one of the oldest.

More New Papyri

Eighteen-hundred-year-old papyri discovered–of all places–in a late professor’s files.  Actually, this kind of things happen fairly often.  There have been many important discoveries in libraries and archives.

Luther College

One document is a libellus, issued under the persecutions of Decius.  A libellus was a document proving that the owner had sacrificed to the gods of Rome, and thus was not a Christian eligible for torture.

Review of Editio Critica Major

This post is belated, but it is a good review of the recent publication of the Major Critical Edition of the General Epistles.

Help Write the New Testament

Volunteers with a knowledge of Greek are needed to help transcribe NT manuscripts.

Helpful Resource on Judaism and Christianity

Mary Ann, our librarian, pointed me to this resource.

NA 28

Larry Hurtado’s preliminary review of Nestle Aland 28, the latest critical edition of the Greek New Testament.