Lesson 2

A Few Significant Facts

  1. Hebrew Roots
  2. Inflection
  3. Verb Tense
  4. Hebrew Stems

3 Responses

  1. In reading week 2 reading about the Hebrew language I guess I never thought about the language having different dialects. They brought out a few different examples, Early Biblical Hebrew, Classical Biblical Hebrew with is found in the writings of the first temple period, and Late Biblical Hebrew which is referred to as the the language of the second temple period.

    In reading this the question in my mind arose why did the dialects change? Obviously spoken languages develop over time as the JSB says (2065) but usually that means that the culture is changing also. So in looking into these different periods of time I believe that we have to look through some new lenses if we truly want to see the culture and the writing of the authors as the different dialects change.

    I know for myself it is hard to pick up on these changes since my bible is all in English and it is a translation. I see where understanding the Old Testament it would be helpful to know Hebrew.

    I just thought this was something I had never heard before or really gave much thought to. But really it gives a small glimpse not just in language but the changing culture throughout the Old Testament.

  2. Andrew, this is a good point and it really brings up some deeper thoughts. It helps to put the Old Testament in more of a realistic light. Thinking about the OT in a way of a changing and growing and developing culture helps to put the reader there rather than just reading the genealogies of old kings.

  3. Kristin,

    Good reply. If you notice the date on Andrew’s comment, he took the class two years ago. I am re-using these lessons. I don’t think you will see Andrew in class unless he had so much fun he comes back!

    Welcome, and blessings to you.

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